“It’s like Robert A. Heinlein’s stole a draft from Asimov, the publisher is Frank Herbert and the editor H.G. Wells” – reader review

Short Answer: It’s Jurassic Park meets Star Wars.

Long Answer: It’s a scifi book franchise already over 3 million words long detailing the discovery of Earth’s true origins and how it was originally a colony of a galaxy-spanning Dinosaur Empire called the V’kit’no’sat. A rebellion by the Rit’ko’sor (Raptors) hurt the empire badly and caused it to contract, leaving the frontier worlds abandoned. After Earth was attacked and purged by the Raptors, the few V’kit’no’sat survivors fled the planet never to return.

But somehow in that final evacuation a few elite Human slaves, known as Zen’zat, were left behind. Forgotten, they spawned Earth’s current civilization in defiance of protocol, for Zen’zat were given special powers under the condition that they NEVER reproduce under pain of death…for themselves and their offspring.

Lost to history, the origins of Humanity were blurred into myth until the discovery of a buried V’kit’no’sat structure in Antarctica by the Pegasus Corporation. The stark realization of what we are and the inevitable doom we face if the Dinosaurs return prompts the Pegasus CEO to hide the discovery from the public as he creates a new spinoff corporate entity called STAR FORCE to capitalize on the planet’s gradual move towards space colonization…but in secret Star Force’s mandate is to build up Earth’s technology, territory, and defenses for the day when the Dinosaurs come back and we face a fight that Humanity has no chance of winning.

Phase 1 covers the rise of Star Force from corporate entity to interstellar empire leading up to the return of the Dinosaurs.

Phase 2 covers the V’kit’no’sat War era and the massive beatdown the Humans and their allies suffer as they lose Earth and are forced to simply try to survive as Star Force territory is systematically conquered and purged of the illegitimate offspring with no hope of negotiation or surrender.

The Humans are heretical vermin that must be exterminated…but possessing the recovered knowledge of the V’kit’no’sat and the revived powers their Zen’zat ancestors bequeathed to them in their genetic code, the Dinosaurs surprisingly find that Star Force can fight back and even hurt them.

That revelation incenses them further, with every world they take from the Human empire being purged of all heretical life and having its surface blasted into desolate wasteland…save for Earth, which they reclaim for their empire and use as the base of operations for our mandated extinction.

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