Aer-ki Jyr

Beginning in Fanfiction

Aer-ki Jyr is the penname of the creator of the Star Force franchise. The name is actually his ‘Jedi name’ that he stole from a character of his own creation in “Kotor 3: The Way of the Jedi”…an incomplete fanfiction extention of the Star Wars universe set approximately 700 years after the battle of Endor.

Jyr never finished the huge storyline, but wrote the equivalent of a novel’s worth of content that included a 700 year old Luke skywalker and a 4000 year old Revan meeting up in face of an extragalactic invasion that was bound to spur an even greater conflict. As popular as the story was, he found a greater audience in his Stargate fanfic known as ROTA (Return of the Ancients) and went on to write one and a half seasons of episodes in it that equaled 3 long novels.

Professional Author

After getting started writing fanfiction, Jyr transitioned into a full time professional author over the course of 3 years with his Star Force: Origin Series that sets the backstory for the overall Star Force franchise and constitutes Phase 1 on the timeline. Jyr has now progressed into Phase 2, which is the era of the V’kit’no’sat War, when Star Force and the Dinosaur empire are squaring off and the Human-led empire is just fighting to survive as the V’kit’no’sat half-heartedly attempt to wipe them out while dealing with more pressing matters elsewhere in the galaxy that they dominate.


Jyr has also written other novels outside the Star Force Universe, including two from before the fanfiction days that were saved on floppy discs that have since been lost/destroyed. A more recent novel he wrote prior to Star Force, intending for it to be the start of another large Space Opera saga, is called Apex. After reaching the professional author ranks Jyr obtained an agent who got him a small, no advance deal with HarperCollins’ experimental ebook-first program.

Jyr and the HarperCollins editor in charge of the program did not get along, with the editor wanting him to cut the last third of the book after Riax and Jalia split up and instead follow Jalia’s story instead of the superhuman. He also wanted dialog changes dumbing down Riax and creating the stereotypical dysfunctional male/smart female cliché, amongst others.

Jyr flatly refused and the book was published as he wished, but without marketing support for the entire first year, seeing it sell less copies than Star Force SF1 had. Because of this Jyr has not written Apex 2 and will not be publishing through HarperCollins again, though still has tentative plans to continue the Apex franchise at a much later date, but with so much Star Force story to tell his focus is on growing that franchise rather than pursuing other projects.

Franchise Future

Star Force has been written from the beginning to be a franchise, not just in book form but across all types of media. How or when it will expand are up in the air for the time being because unless you’re J.K. Rowling you don’t have 50 million to plop down into an independently made movie.

Expansion to other forms of media will require partnerships, but Jyr has already been preparing for if/when they come along. There is plan in place.

Jyr is currently working with independent artists to do some concept art and other behind the scenes work to start taking his franchise from words to visuals. While Jyr is the loremaster of the franchise, he knows that building something as massive as Star Force will take more than one creative mind, and as he’s stated many times before, he doesn’t have a problem with stealing good ideas. Star Force is going to end up a group project, but Jyr will always maintain firm control to make sure it doesn’t become compromised. *cough*StarWars*cough*

Corporate Cooperation vs Competition

Unlike all other IPs (intellection property) Star Force is unique in that it incorporates numerous pop culture references into not just the storytelling, but the very fabric of the universe. Ships, planet names, weapons…a lot of them are derived from scifi movies, tv, games that the trailblazer characters grew up with, so this offers an opportunity for the Star Force franchise to plug and cooperate with other franchises, to mutual advantage, rather than acting as competition to one another.

Star Wars, Halo, and Battletech are three examples. Fans aren’t just loyal to one franchise, often they are fans of several simultaneously, and Star Force has the ability to introduce people to other franchises they haven’t encountered and LINK THEM TOGETHER. Even a franchise like Battletech that is more or less dead (but oh so cool) could be revived with a Star Force link…and merchandising.

There are many opportunities for linking the franchises within the storyline without bad plugs and commercial placements, and the Clans are the biggest opportunity for that. They are named/sculpted after cool things, and if thoroughly tricked out with exclusive content from the existing franchises there is a moderate potential for crossover promotion and shared merchandising. (think a Clan Tron Commando action figure)

Star Force is written with pop culture references for the simple reason that THEY’RE COOL. And when you do stuff because it’s cool, it doesn’t strike the fans as fake…because it’s not. One side intent of the franchise is to help and link to other franchises and switch the emphasis of corporate ‘eat your young to make profit’ tendencies towards ‘make a shitload by cooperating’ and allowing them to make small amounts of passive income off content 20+ years old.

Building the franchise

Going forward Aer-ki is going to be building puzzle pieces with each new novel, series, or other installments. Why certain storylines are being pursued may not make sense from the reader’s perspective now, but in retrospect later the bigger picture will begin to take shape.

The Star Force franchise’s main character isn’t a trailblazer. It isn’t Davis. It isn’t any one person.

The main character is the empire itself. Star Force is about STAR FORCE and it’s struggle against the V’kit’no’sat, and there are many different stories and perspectives in which to flesh out that main character…and that’s why this is a franchise, not a single story trying to stretch out into a franchise.

The Star Force universe is HUGE. Far more than any of the readers realize. And it will take time to even begin to understand the scope. Aer-ki sees it now, but he’s the only one. If others knew what’s coming, there’d be movie and video game developers knocking on the door already, because Star Force has the potential to grow into the #1 IP on the planet…but it’s still in its infancy now and only time will tell.

So Aer-ki is building puzzle pieces, one at a time, and slowly putting the big picture together. The Origin Series really is just the BEGINNING, and in the future it will look like a drop in the bucket content wise.


Aer-ki Jyr Bio/Other works

Despite speculation concerning his name, Jyr is actually American.


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