Does Star Force ban prostitution?


Does Star Force ban prostitution?

Star Force has a bazillion rules for business, but very few for civilians, so is prostitution banned and why?

In a word, NO, it’s not banned.

However there is a catch, and a big one. In Star Force society no one needs money in order to live. No one has to work in order to live. Basic necessities such as food, water, living quarters, clothing, etc are provided for free. Luxuries require money, and that’s where the capitalism starts, but it doesn’t touch basic necessities.

So if someone wants to mate in exchange for money, it’s not to survive on. Nowadays, prostitution is often the only way some people can survive or they’re defacto slaves of others used for that purpose. In Star Force there is no leverage for anyone else to use, so all contractual mating is by CHOICE.

Because of that there is no ban on prostitution, nor are there any regulations. No one is indebted to fulfill a contract if they don’t want to, and Star Force leaves such things up to the discretion of the citizens to work out on their own.

Also, during maturia training, all younglings are provided with the opportunity to practice mating if they choose. They’re not forced to, but it is made available to them with designated trainers. so the idea of mating for mating sake outside of romantic relationships is a common practice. Star Force also has no legalized marriage of any kind, so all romantic relationships are left to citizens to deal with as they choose. So too is mating. And if individuals want to do so in exchange for money, that’s their prerogative.

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