Mak’to’ran Series Pre-Order Now Open

Mak’to’ran 1Mak'to'ran 1

The first episode in the Mak’to’ran Series is up for pre-order and will be released within a few days. After writing the first few chapters, Aer-ki decided that the story was going to be too long for a single novel and made the decision to change the story into a very familiar novella format.

The length of each installment will be the usual 10 chapters, but the number of episodes is yet to be determined. (probably between 5 and 10)

This series takes place at the beginning of Phase 2 immediately after the conclusion of the Origin Series and follows the defeated V’kit’no’sat commander known as Mak’to’ran during his retreat and the events that follow with the knowledge gained on Earth causing an even deeper rift to form within the V’kit’no’sat.

And one that threatens a full civil war.