Is Democracy the Solution? No, not even close…


Is Democracy the Solution? No, not even close…


What is Democracy, exactly? Well, it’s the idea that a government should be run by the will of the people, with that will being determined by a majority vote. A ‘majority’ means above 50%.

So what does having 51 people out of 100 agree on something do for a civilization? It prevents 1 from telling the other 99 what to do. That’s is Democracy’s strength, and also it’s weakness.

A proper civilization is dedicating to doing smart things, wise things, and at the end of the day, the right thing. Democracy does not. Democracy is dedicating to doing the POPULAR thing. Now, if you have a civilization full of wise, good people then Democracy can function pretty well because most of the people will know what to do and if someone has a good idea and shares it with them, they’ll agree.

But what if the people are not wise? What if they’re not good? In that case, Democracy is a recipe for disaster. The key point is, Democracy gives you a government that reflects the people. If the people are good, the government will be good. If the people are bad, the government will be bad.

If you’re trying to bring civilization to unruly and barbaric people, using Democracy is a disaster. And if you’ve already got a good civilization, why implement Democracy? Just keep things the¬†way they are because it’s already working.

So what does Star Force do? Do they have elections?


Do the people pick their leaders?


Does the majority matter at all?


Then what does Star Force do? What is their government like?

For starters it’s an empire. Now you may ask, what is an empire? Well that’s complicated, because the word ’empire’ has been used for many different things. So let’s just go with the basic two.

1. An ’empire’ is a term for a civilization, so it’s a catch-all term.

2. An ’empire’ has a defined leader or leadership. A leadership can be multiple people. Those leader/leaders are in charge of the entire civilization, and that civilization is usually broken up into different, semi-independent pieces.

So who are Star Force’s leaders and how are they chosen?

The Monarchs and the Archons, and they’re selected, not elected. Monarchs have to cut their teeth as Administrators first, gaining knowledge in logistics and showing a particular amount of innovating skill and problem solving through their merits. The Director of Star Force chooses each Monarch and triggers every promotion the Monarchs receive.

The Archons are chosen from younglings, meaning children. Usually they are in the late teens or early 20s, and all younglings in the empire are given a series of tests, some physical, most mental, to see how they react. The problem solvers who can figure things out on their own, yet show skills that they can still operate as a team while having a desire to do the right thing, are chosen and put into Archon basic training. Those that finish the 2-4 year program become Archons. Those who are unworthy are washed out based on their merits alone, not anyone’s opinion of them.

So both groups, Monarchs and Archons, are chosen for their displayed skills. Not their popularity as Democracy does. Not their bloodlines as Monarchies do. Their merit is what they are judged on, and specifically their troubleshooting ability.

These two groups are not bound by rules. To quote Director Davis, “Good men don’t need rules. Rules are for the young, the inexperienced, and the untrustworthy.”

Trust is the glue that holds the Star Force leadership together, not laws or a constitution. They are free to do whatever they want, and because they have all proven to be good men with skills above and beyond everyone else, that means they have nothing slowing them down from doing what needs to be done.

So what does that mean for everyone else? Are they the slaves of the Monarchs and Archons?

No, not at all. Star Force believes in freedom and individual choice within the bounds of not bothering other people. The Star Force civilian rulebook is extremely short and no one has to work for food or lodging or clothing. Basic necessities are provided for all, but luxuries are reserved for those that earn them.

If you are lazy or stupid, you are not imprisoned or enslaved, you are simply ignored. To get anywhere within Star Force society you have to get there through merit. You can’t cheat your way up the social ladder, and the leadership ranks are inaccessible unless you pass the Archon tests as younglings or prove your logistics skills as an adult and get the attention of the Director.

Star Force feels it is the responsibility of the strong to protect the weak, but they don’t take orders from the weak. If the majority of the population wants to do something stupid, Democracy does that thing. If the majority of the Star Force population wants to do something stupid, the Monarchs and Archons laugh and do the wise thing anyway.

That’s called leadership, and when Star Force’s leaders have full power to do whatever they want that’s a disaster if they’re not good people. But if they are good people, then that threat becomes a powerful asset. So the key to Star Force is in being able to identify and groom good people, without exception, to form their leadership.

Bottom line…Democracy is a mid level form of government. It’s not great, it’s not the worst, and it’s a lot better than others, but it is inherently flawed and limited, often forcing injustice on various minorities because that’s the will of the majority.

In order to achieve a proper civilization, you have to let go of rules entirely. There is no ‘system’ the Star Force leadership uses. They are all brothers and sisters working together to do the right thing.

That’s based on trust and nothing more. Trust is not a system, and in that is the answer to the question of the ‘perfect rulebook for government.’

If you have to use a rulebook, you don’t have trust. If you have trust, no rulebook is needed.

And if the leadership can trust each other, then they can lead those who are not trustworthy at lower levels. If the leadership can find the right path, the rest of the people will eventually follow. That’s the essence of an empire, but the key to a proper civilization is in having a ‘do the right thing’-centered empire. And no rulebook, no matter how thorough, can predict all situations. Eventually following the rule book will mean accepting or causing injustice, and good people will not do that.

The first rule of Star Force…do the right thing.

The second rule of Star Force…if you need rules to tell you what the right thing is, then you’re doing it wrong.


– Aer-ki Jyr

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