Proper Civilizations Have NO TAXES


Proper Civilizations Have NO TAXES


So what is a ‘proper’ civilization? Simply put, it’s one that does things correctly. One that is fair and just.

Improper civilizations…well, they’re bad in a wide variety of ways.

So what’s this about taxing making your country, state, county, city, etc a bad place to live? Simply put, it’s legalized theft. And above that, it’s parasitic in nature. They take from you some of what you earned and do with it what they like. ‘They’ meaning the government. Do they earn any of it? Or do they just take it and live off your success.

Something that lives off another being is parasitic. A proper civilization stands on its own and doesn’t need to be parasitic in order to survive. Ask yourself this…can politicians earn a decent living on their own merits, or are they always getting rich off someone else’s back?

If that’s not a rhetorical question for you, you’re either living in a very nice place or you’re delusional…and I’m guessing the latter.

So forget the crappy conditions on Earth right now. How does a ‘Proper’ civilization function? How does it have money to do anything if it doesn’t tax its citizens?

Simple answer…the same way a corporation survives. It makes its own money.

Now, I don’t mean printing its own money. That’s just a cheat and blows up economies. I mean a proper civilization makes money in a business sense. Star Force began as a corporation and never stopped being one, so let’s take a look at how they generate income without taxing.

First off, they own all the property. So no property taxes for anyone to pay. If you want live in a luxury apartment (not the free basic ones everyone is entitled to) you will rent it. That rent is paid to Star Force. This is not a property tax, or a tax of any kind, its a business transaction. Star Force owns the building, you’re renting it from them. It’s mutually beneficial because Star Force handles all the maintenance duties, construction duties, upgrades, etc as a proper landlord does. You just pay to live there.

Same thing with factories. Star Force owns the land and builds the shells of the buildings. Then a business rents that location and fills up the interior with their own equipment. No property tax. No income tax on the business owner. No income tax on the employees. No tax on profits. Just a rent payment.

Is that enough? Can you make a government work off rent payments alone? Maybe, but that’s not how Star Force generates most of its income. It does that through the supply chain.

Star Force does more than just manage the civilization, it leads the civilization. That means it makes everything that is needed and lets private businesses produce redundant products or luxury items. If you have food to eat, then making sugar sticks is a bonus. Star Force doesn’t need to make them, so there’s a place for an individual entrepreneur to step in and get a market share. Luxury items are how proper civilizations create an economy. Basic items are free.

So Star Force does create luxury items, just not all of them. They have their list, and make a profit off that list, then private business fills in everything Star Force doesn’t produce or they try to undercut Star Force prices and steal some of their business from them. But where do they get their raw materials from?

Star Force produces most of the raw materials and sells them…hence generating income without stealing it from anyone via taxes. If you’re an individual who doesn’t do business, you never pay a tax on anything. You just buy luxury products if you choose. If you’re a private business, you never pay a tax on anything, you just buy raw materials, rent building space, and pay shipping fees. Star Force makes money on all that, so taxes are never needed.

Taxes are wrong, because they are legalized theft. Even sales tax is. And it’s a way for those without skills to stay in power. If they had to earn that power they’d fail within a year, easy. But they persist because they are parasites sucking off the success, skills, and experience of others, and they do it via taxes.

They don’t have to know what they’re doing, they just sit on their asses and let others earn the money. Then they take it from them and jail those who don’t pay. It’s extortion, pure and simple, and that’s why a proper civilization doesn’t tax.


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