Self-Sufficiency is one of the primary concepts within the Star Force universe and is based off of real science. In a nut shell, it’s the state one gets to when they no longer grow old, and if already old, they can de-age and get their ‘youth’ back again.

Sounds crazy? Well it’s not. People don’t grow old because of the calendar, they grow old because of micro-damage. Micro-damage is damage that isn’t easily visible, like a swollen ankle or dislocated finger. It’s on a cellular level where things start to malfunction. Your body has a remarkable ability to keep you functioning even when taking damage, and when you are visibly ‘old’ you can thank your body’s emergency protocols for keeping you active, for otherwise you would have long ago died.

What are those emergency protocols? They’re changes made that sacrifice your strength in order to keep you living. One example is how your body will burn muscle tissue when you run out of food in your stomach and fat in your body. Without fuel you cease to function and die, but your body will cannibalize your leg and arm muscles before that happens. It ain’t fun, but your body is programmed to keep you in the game as long as possible…because there is always the possibility of a comeback.

When a cancer patient loses their hair while going through chemotherapy, then it grows back afterwards, that’s called healing. The same thing is true of people going bald for other reasons. You’re taking damage (chemotherapy is like a biological nuke thrown into your body and causes lots of damage, hence the hair loss) and that damage can be repaired. Losing your hair or having it go white is NOT a natural part of life. It’s micro-damage building up and causing parts of your body to malfunction.

If you can get all your ducks in a row, with no part of your body accumulating more damage than you can heal per day, then you reach the state of Self-Sufficiency. It means you’re not losing ground. You’re not growing old. And it can easily be looked at in terms of video games.

Damage to your body is measured in red numbers. Healing in green. If you start out with 10,000 health points, and hitting 0 means you die, your ‘rate’ is the amount of health points you lose per day. So if you take 100 units of damage today and heal up 99 of those, then your net change for the day is -1 and you wake up tomorrow at 9,999 health points.

The lower your total goes, the more ‘old’ you look because the damage is building up and becoming visible. An ‘old’ person might have gone down to 4,000 points, while a ‘middle aged’ person could be at 7,000 and a super old person in a nursing home at 500.

If your losing points each day, you’re going to die eventually. But if you heal as much as you take, then your total health points do not decrease and you hold steady. When you hold steady, that is the beginning of Self-Sufficiency. So if you take 100 damage a day and heal 100, then your net change is 0.

So how do you make this happen? Either boost your healing or decrease your damage. Preferably both.

Less stress, physical and mental, will take your damage per day down to 99. If your healing stays the same at 99 then you are Self-Sufficient AT THAT MOMENT. Your rates change constantly, and a runner doing a workout will see their damage skyrocket during the run, but then it will go down to very little when they’re resting.

Scientists have shown that doing workouts increases your immune system, and your immune system is how your body heals. It’s kind of a catch all term, but it includes more than just white blood cells. So when you do a workout and take heavy micro-damage (pulled muscle is major damage, not micro) your body responds and increases the strength of your immune system the same way lifting weights triggers your body to increase your arm muscles.

So a runner might be taking 400 units of micro-damage a day…which is why some people say running is horrible for you (they’re so wrong). But the runner’s immune system upgrades because of the workouts and they’re now healing at 400 units a day.

If they take a week off, the damage drops back down to 100 and their healing rate diminishes as well, but with a lag. So for a couple days they may be healing at 300 while taking 100 damage. So the net gain for a few days rest would be +200 a day.

If your total health points are down to 9,500, and you gain +200, then your total goes up to 9,700. Which means you just de-aged.

If you’re taking 500 damage a day and healing 100, then you’re losing ground. Athletes encounter this a lot when they over-train, then when the micro-damage builds up and they start losing speed or strength they’re considered to have hit a ‘peak’. They go into this overload training because the body adapts and gets stronger and faster at an astounding rate trying to keep up temporarily, but it’s only a temporary emergency procedure and many coaches do not understand this. Their athletes hit a wall and fall apart, because the micro-damage has built up too far.

Then sometimes they take time off to heal, but their healing rate diminishes back to 100 before they make up all they’ve lost. Then they go into the next season and repeat, losing chunks of their total health each season and not seeing any performance improvement. All of this is due to BAD TRAINING. Not the calendar.

How do you train properly then? You do small, intense workouts. Running is perfect for this, which is why Star Force is so running crazy. Your body adapts to the intenseness, jacking up your healing rate, but because the workouts are short, the amount of damage you take is limited and the rest of the day you are not accumulating as much damage as you are healing. The next day you do another workout before your healing rate begins to diminish, and this yo-yo effect keeps your healing rate up a little higher than your damage rate.

So a day would look like this. Sitting on your butt watching TV, 20 damage. Sleeping, 1 damage. Walking around and other lazy activities, 79 damage. Total damage = 100.

Throw in a running workout that takes 10 minutes, and you add 25 damage. You’re now at 125 total for the day.

But those 10 minutes are so intense that your body sees an inefficiency. If you were to run that fast for an hour, let alone all day long, your damage would be so high you’d die in less than a week. Your body has emergency protocols to stop that, meaning you’d slow down before you hit that point, but just that 10 minute taste of something unsustainable triggers your healing rate to increase.

So because the workout didn’t do that much damage, for it wasn’t that long of a duration, but it was intense, (easy running is intense compared to sitting on the couch) your healing rate goes up to match the intenseness. So you end up sitting on the couch afterwards with a temporary healing rate higher than you need. You end up healing 130 that day, while only taking 125 total damage. So you healed up an extra 5 that you probably lost a year ago. Hence you are ‘de-aging’.

But here’s the big problem. If you rest, and do not do workouts, there is nothing even remotely intense for your body to adjust to. Your healing rate goes down even further because of this. Your body adapts to what you’re doing, not what you wish it would do. Sitting and doing nothing is called ‘Stagnation’ and this is a state when your healing rate is very low due to lack of activity.

So if you’re ‘retired’ and sitting around all day, your damage may be only 70 points. That might sound good, until you realize your healing rate has dipped down to 65 because of the inactivity. If you don’t have those little intense bursts each day to drag it higher, you’re going to lose ground and the ‘resting’ you do is no longer rest. It is stagnation, because it is not helping you. It is hurting you.

And when your healing rate is so low, getting sick is very dangerous. Your immune system fights disease, like the Flu, and if your healing rate is low, it’s going to kick the crap out of you.

But if your healing rate is high, you’re going to get through it much easier. That’s why athletes don’t get sick as often. They’re still infected, but they fight it off because they have higher healing rates.

This is why old people in nursing homes sitting around doing nothing is so retarded. They need to be doing workouts, even if its just lifting a bottle of water for 10 reps each day. They have to do SOMETHING to spike their healing rate, otherwise the stagnation will eat them alive.

The toughest part is not being able to measure how much you gain or lose each day, but your body does give you something to work off of. Pain is one thing to warn you away from damage. If you sit still for 3 hours then stand up stiff, the stiffness is a reminder to get out and move. Soreness is a clue that you probably did too much in a workout. Sprain your ankle and that’s more than micro-damage, so the pain stimulus shouts to you much louder.

Hair turning while, wrinkly skin, and other ‘aging’ signs are also signs that you’re losing ground. You also need the right fuel, and there are about a dozen different nutrients your body needs. It’s not just about calories. So if you’re doing the workouts right and still losing ground, you might be deficient in your fuel source. You can’t heal if you don’t have the right replacement parts. Remember that.

So attaining Self-Sufficiency happens all the time, people just don’t realize it. You might attain it for a day, for an hour, for a week, then lose it again later. People who attain it off and on will live longer lives because it takes them more years to get down to 0 total health points. But if you can learn to poke your healing rate up above your damage rate enough times, you can totally counteract what losses you incur…and there will be losses. Bad days, bad weather, accidents. You’re going to lose health points beyond micro-damage. But you can heal it all up. It is possible. And such things like an air conditioner help so much. People have lived longer since air conditioning was invented. It’s a documented fact. You can practically take off 5 damage points per day by not having to sit and take heat damage. It’s that damn important, and works for cold too. Get too cold, you take more damage. So a heated house is damn important.

In the Star Force universe their medical technology is so advanced it makes it easier to attain Self-Sufficiency, but not all people do. The Archons do such insane workouts their healing rate is well above their damage rate, meaning they almost never lose more than they gain on a daily basis unless they choose to really overload a few workouts for other reasons. They can take that hit because they are so far ahead, and they run at 10,000 health points almost every day. So if things go bad, they’ve got a huge cushion there to lose. And so long as they survive, they can make it all back up later with enough time and smart training.

So that’s Self-Sufficiency, a foundational pillar of the Star Force universe, and something existing in reality right now. You might not know you’ve hit it, but it’s there, and when you see the life-expectancy of your nation rising, that means more people are hitting it off and on, and it’s prolonging their lives because of it.

But if you’re accidentally getting it, you’re not likely to win out over the long run. You need to be aware and tune your life accordingly. So putting on a hat when it’s cold outside isn’t lame, it might actually save you 1 damage point. And those add up over time, so don’t squander them. Your Mom may not have known what she was talking about when she told you that, but sometimes people can be accidentally right. Just like they can accidentally stumble into a state of Self-Sufficiency.

But odds are, if it’s accidental, it’s not going to last very long. But you’ll get the benefit from it none the less.

So running is good for you, because it’s a total body workout and that makes it intense. The intenseness jacks up your healing rate. Learn to spam that without doing so much damage in one day that your body cannot heal it all up before tomorrow.

This isn’t simple, it isn’t easy, but it is doable. And for crying out loud, don’t drink alcohol, smoke, or do drugs. You’re basically burning away extra health points every time you do.


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