What is a maturia?


What is a maturia?

The term ‘maturia’ refers to the developmental process of younglings into adults. It is not strictly tied to physical maturity, but also to basic training that all civilians are required to master before they earn their freedom in society.

There are three types of maturias.

1. Standard maturia

2. Hybrid maturia

3. Elite maturia

The Standard maturia begins with infants immediately entered after birth. The parents have no contact with them and no responsibilities after birth. The maturia becomes their family, and each individual is paired with 99 others to form their maturia class. This is their immediate family and who they will live and train with until they graduate, usually in their mid 20s, but graduation is not based on time elapsed, but by training scores and program completion.

The infants are cared for by numerous trainers that focus on one stage of development. There will be a group for 0-6 months, another for 6 months to 2 years, etc. The trainers do not all leave at the same time, but are staggered so the younglings are not met with entirely new faces. There is always someone who is familiar as they move through the maturia process, and the new faces eventually become the familiar ones. After a few years none of the original trainers are with them, but higher level ones who have greater expectations take their place. This facilitates the mental and societal growth of the younglings, whereas trainers can peg down a certain leg of the ‘journey to adulthood,’ and master it.

All members of a maturia are in the program 24 hours a day every day. There is no off time and they all live in dormitories with their classmates. Each one has their own room, or when very small their own cubicle or crib. They are kept close together, but each one has their own small personal space they can retreat into when needed. There are NO ROOMATES.

Training is not optional, it is required, both physical, mental, and combat. When graduating, every person will be able to defend themselves and are knowledgeable in a wide variety of emergency protocols. They are proficient in math, language, basic sciences, history, technology, and have received basic training in the various disciplines within Star Force ranging from medtechs to personal assistants.

Basically they get a taste of everything, are grounded in the fundamentals of training and how to maintain their bodies and achieve self-sufficiency…then they are free to move into the civilian population and from that point forward they can do whatever they want, even if it involves sitting on their ass for the rest of their life and stagnating away.

A maturia is not meant to control the population, but to give them the proper platform to start their lives from. What they choose to do after that is up to them, but it would be remiss for Star Force not to give them early and comprehensive training…even if they never run another step in their lives thereafter.

The hybrid maturia is based on the same principles, but is not complete. Often it will involve people entering years after birth, so they miss the early part of the program and need to catch up. Some things can’t be replicated, because they are tied to physical developmental stages, but with motivation bad habits can be removed, thus hybrid maturias require more effort on the part of the individuals, whereas the standard maturia members never have a chance to learn anything other than what Star Force gives them until after graduation.

Star Force also has a hybrid maturia program for parents that want to be involved with their offspring. The parents serve as part time trainers and mentors, but the individuals in the maturia still live with their classmates and the parents have no say over anything. They are given a chance to be involved, but it is more in an observation role than anything. They have no authority over their offspring, for Star Force respects the sovereignty of the individual and never sees them as property of the parents in any way shape or form.

An elite maturia is for people after graduation when they voluntarily choose additional training. Some of these programs are full time, others are part time depending on what type of training is required. These programs are free, as are all maturias. They are the fundamental upon which all Star Force society is based and in which a lot of problems are headed off.

As Yoda once said, “you must first unlearn what you have learned,” and by taking infants in at birth, you avoid the unlearning stage. Also, by having designated trainers to attend the children, the parents’ lives are not inhibited by sleepless nights and other things that inhibit their own training and their own self-sufficiency. Trainers have shifts and they never lose sleep. Parents don’t have that luxury, so the maturia system is better for everyone. Also, because all infants go into maturias, an unexpected pregnancy is not a life changing event. Rather a 9 month inconvenience, for after the birth the baby is not the responsibility of the mother. It is up to the maturia to ‘raise’ the younglings, and they do it with training, not cultural osmosis.

So is a maturia like school? Uh, no. School sucks. A maturia is like being at summer camp for the first 20-25 years of your life.

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